A Hemp and CBD Manufacturer’s Guide to FDA-Compliant Cannabinoid Advertising Regulations

The hemp and CBD products market exploded after Congress legalized plant sales in 2018. Hemp brands launched products and made myriad health and safety claims in advertisements. A handful of these brands made advertising claims that are not compliant with government regulations, and regulators are taking note.

Advertisements for CBD products face intense scrutiny from government regulators. The Food and Drug Administration has issued warning letters to hemp brands advertising unsubstantiated health and safety claims. These brands face legal liability if they continue promoting unsubstantiated claims

CBD brands need effective education on complying with advertising regulations while productively promoting the benefits of hemp products. How does your hemp brand maintain regulatory compliance and create compelling advertising copy? This guide explains how to achieve that goal.

How Does Your CBD Brand Avoid Unsubstantiated Health and Safety Claims about Custom Cannabinoids?

CBD advertising cannot claim that products possess health and safety benefits not supported by science. Hemp brands must avoid advertising claims that a product will prevent, treat or cure specific medical conditions while lacking valid research studies. Compliant advertising confirms claims about a hemp product’s medical efficacy and safety profile in an independent, peer-reviewed research study.

Your hemp brand is not permitted to reference studies on another brand’s product while making advertising claims. Research studies supporting advertising claims must be conducted on your brand’s product to maintain compliance with advertising regulations.

For example, hemp brands cannot claim their CBD products prevent consumers from contracting the COVID-19 virus, even though third-party studies support this claim. Your brand must conduct proper research on your CBD product to prove it stops the contraction of the virus.

Hemp advertising cannot claim your product has a favorable safety profile, even though credible CBD studies on similar products support this claim. Also, your advertising cannot claim over-the-counter products like vitamins are safe when consumed with your CBD product. Advertisements claiming CBD formulations that include safe ingredients like herbal supplements must receive verification in independent, placebo-controlled research studies that test sufficient sample sizes.

How Does Your Brand Effectively Advertise Products While Avoiding Unsubstantiated Health Claims About Custom Cannabinoids?

The advertising for your CBD brand must describe a product’s effects without using medical terminology. CBD brands should avoid advertising claims that need confirmation from sound, independent research. Brands must avoid claims that products contain more cannabinoid bioavailability if it has not been proven in a scientific study.

Advertising should include positive, action-oriented words describing your hemp product’s effects. Words like stimulating, soothing, energizing and relaxing are not medical terms, and they effectively describe the positive qualities of your brand’s hemp product. Creative word utilization in hemp advertisements can produce compelling and compliant claims.

How Does Your Custom Cannabinoid Brand Promote CBD Formulations While Avoiding Health and Safety Claims?

Hemp brands should create advertising copy communicating positive aspects of your brand that are not associated with health and safety benefits. For example, you can highlight the team producing your brand’s hemp products. Consumers want to see the human faces behind your brand. Advertising for your CBD brand should focus on the impeccable team delivering your brand’s products and services.

Advertising should also emphasize the quality of your brand’s products and customer service. Advertising copy should describe your company’s commitment to cultivating and manufacturing quality hemp products. Detail your company’s dedication to delivering quality products while providing an excellent customer service experience.

Additionally, advertise your volunteer service in the communities where your customers reside. You should take an opportunity to explain your company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. Consumer research shows that most hemp consumers believe brands should take corporate social responsibility seriously.

How Does Your Custom Cannabinoid Company Acquire FDA-Compliant Labeling and Packaging?

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