Capitalize on 4/20 With White Label CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN Products

If you’re hoping to capitalize on the cannabis sales opportunities that the 4/20 holiday provides, it’s crucial to start preparing early. Today, we’ll walk you through the white labeling process with LaurelCrest and how you can benefit from it this sales holiday.

White Label Cannabinoids for the Biggest Cannabis Sales Day of the Year

April 20 is the biggest holiday in cannabis culture. On 4/20, countless cannabis connoisseurs and casual consumers alike celebrate the plant by attending events, campaigning, and partaking in hemp or cannabis products.

For several years, dispensaries, smoke shops, and other cannabis businesses have seen their highest yearly sales on April 20. In 2022, cannabis stores saw a 148% increase in sales on April 20 alone — not considering the sales just before the holiday as customers prepare. Such 420 sales are also increasing year over year as more states legalize adult-use cannabis and the country sees more adult-use customers.

4/20 is the most important sales day of the year for cannabis businesses (with 7/10, a day celebrating cannabis concentrates, taking second place). If you’re a business owner in the cannabis industry or sell tangential products, it’s a day you can’t afford to let pass you by. You can offer sales or raffles, host an event, or even provide custom-blended 4/20 products to draw new and returning customers into your store and participate in a fundamental part of cannabis culture.

Popular Custom Cannabinoid Formulations

Rare minor cannabinoids are becoming increasingly popular with consumers, and there’s no better day to launch your next custom blend than April 20.

Customers love minor cannabinoids for the nuanced experiences they can provide. To provide a few examples, cannabigerol (CBG) is non-intoxicating and purported to be soothing, cannabichromene (CBC) may have anti-inflammatory and mood-boosting effects, and cannabinol (CBN) is potentially relaxing. There are practically endless cannabinoids and combinations to choose from, and new compounds and formulations are hitting the market every year.

Though these cannabinoids all boast benefits in isolation, they are likely most effective when consumed in tandem. Formulating a custom blend of rare cannabinoids can create a product that will provide more pronounced effects and potential benefits. Offering a unique formulation can also set your brand apart from all the others in the industry.

Hemp Ingredient Solutions with LaurelCrest

LaurelCrest is proud to offer many different cannabinoids and formulations for use by your business. We also offer a wide selection of products available for white-labeling.

LaurelCrest tinctures are available in various formulations, with blends designed to potentially help with sleep and recovery after physical activity, and broad- and full-spectrum options. We also offer full- and broad-spectrum gelcaps in a variety of sizes. One of our most popular consumable offerings is our gummies, available in three different cannabinoid blends.

We are also proud to carry several topical options for white labeling, including specially formulated gels and salves.

If none of these products fulfill your business’s and your customer’s needs, we also love to help cannabis brands formulate and produce custom products.

How Can I Make White Label Cannabis Products?

At LaurelCrest, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of cannabis as medicine and are passionate about helping cannabis companies grow and thrive. One of our favorite ways to do this is with our white-labeling program.

We will work with you to clarify what exactly you’re looking to bring to your customers while you perfect the label design and refine your launch strategy.

Our white labeling process is straightforward, and we are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to get started so that your newest product, in partnership with LaurelCrest, can hit the shelves on 4/20 of this year.