How Do Hemp Brands Formulate CBD Product Lines?

Hemp brands need the ability to scale businesses while developing quality products efficiently. These brands must build manufacturing operations and worldwide distribution networks to create successful CBD formulations and products. What if brands could avoid the hassle and expense of establishing facilities while bringing CBD extraction products to market?

At LaurelCrest, we provide manufacturing services that provide delightful hemp products to brands across the globe. Our company’s customizable, private and white-label services allow brands to develop consistent, quality CBD product lines.

What should your brand consider while seeking manufacturing partners providing private and white labeling services? First, you must determine if they can develop the hemp products you hope to bring to market.

Finding a Partner Who Can Develop Your Brand’s Next Successful CBD Product

LaurelCrest develops natural, sustainable hemp products. Our company produces a range of products such as broad spectrum distillate, minor cannabinoids, terpenes and crystal resistant distillate from pesticide-free and heavy-metal-free hemp.

We then blend the cannabinoids and terpenes to create unique hemp product formulations. Additionally, we have available hemp ingredient solutions that are certified as Oregon Kosher.

Our company uses these natural hemp ingredient solutions to develop customized oils, isolates and water-soluble nano-tech solutions. These hemp formulations allow brands to establish products that appeal to mainstream consumers. How do we accomplish that?

LaurelCrest offers private and white-labeling services to successful hemp brands using our customizable cannabinoid formulations. Our company has developed a wide variety of exceptional hemp products while delivering private and white labeling services. LaurelCrest also has a multitude of solutions for small businesses and formulators to make products more accessible, such as small sample sizing availability. We give CBD brands the ability to create products that attract mass consumer appeal.

While vetting partners to produce your hemp product, determine if they possess the experience to develop market-leading CBD extractions that meet your quality specifications. Potential partners should have experience developing the type of hemp products your brand plans to market, be it CBD-infused gummies or hemp body lotions. After gaining confidence in a potential partner’s ability to manufacture your product, you are ready to choose between private or white-label manufacturing services.

What is the Difference Between Private and White-Label Manufacturing Services?

Private Label Hemp Manufacturing

A private label designation denotes a custom product, uniquely formulated, manufactured and packaged for sale under the retailer’s name. LaurelCrest’s private label manufacturing services provide a wide variety of customized hemp products that allow you to build an exclusive CBD brand rapidly. Our company expertly manufactures hemp isolates, oils, powders, tinctures, beverages, cosmetics and more. We assist in the research and development of your unique formula and give your brand access to every ingredient included in our products. LaurelCrest consistently delivers quality, customizable hemp products that promote successful brands.

Your private label manufacturing partner should help your CBD brand stand out from the competition

White Label Hemp Manufacturing

A white label designation denotes a product created by one company that other companies rebrand to suit their unique branding needs. Our company can also white-label a brand’s CBD product and quickly allow it to enter the market. We provide an ability to manufacture products in many formulations: tinctures, capsules, cosmetics, topicals, bath bombs and gummies. We offer versatile white label manufacturing services to cannabis brands.

Our white labeling services give companies turn-key product development solutions that allow easy access to the consumer packaged hemp market.

How Do You Manufacture Hemp Products Worldwide?

LaurelCrest serves a global community via co-manufacturing hemp partnerships in the EU that can help get your brand on retail shelves worldwide. LaurelCrest gives your company access to PharmaHemp, Europe’s most successful hemp business. With Pharma Hemp, we’re able to provide a much larger offering of CBD solutions to our distributors and white label customers across the globe.

How Does Your Hemp Brand Evaluate Private and White-Label Manufacturing Service Providers?

Consider Hemp Product Manufacturing Capabilities

Does your potential partner possess the license needed to manufacture hemp products? Has this partner developed the product you are planning to bring to market? Determine if your manufacturing partner can create products that meet your quality standards.

Evaluate Private and White Labeling Price Points

What are the costs of partnering with a manufacturing partner? Private and white labeling services offer an opportunity to produce hemp products without incurring the hefty costs of building a manufacturing facility network. That said, scrutinize the price point offered by potential partners and determine if their offer will allow your business to turn a profit.

Plan a Production Timeline with Manufacturers

How will potential manufacturing partners meet deadlines? Ask potential partners about their ability to meet your production schedules for the proposed product. They should tell you the average time required to design and produce your product.

Effective Communication Style is Integral to Project Management

Does your potential partner provide effective communication while designing and producing your custom CBD gummies? Discuss communication styles before signing contracts with potential partners. Determine if they will provide consistent communication and professionalism throughout your partnership.

Market Differentiation Speaks Volumes

How does your potential manufacturing partner compare to their competitors? Ask your potential partner about their competitive advantage amongst private and white-label service providers. You want to trust your partner’s ability to deliver world-class manufacturing services.

How Does Your Brand Learn More About LaurelCrest’s Services?

LaurelCrest is a leading provider of private and white label manufacturing services. Our company partners with hemp brands motivated to emerge as a leader in this sector. LaurelCrest offers custom hemp formulations, private labeling and white labeling manufacturing opportunities. Click here to learn more.