How Mess-Free CBD Topicals Provide Health and Wellness Benefits

Did you know that ingesting CBD is not the only way to consume the cannabinoid? CBD consumers also reap the benefits of applying CBD topicals to their skin. CBD topicals will enhance your health and wellness when applied to the skin.

Promising studies show CBD can reduce inflammation that damages the skin and promotes pain. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD topicals can improve your skin health and relieve pain. An added benefit to CBD topicals? You can easily apply them to your skin.

LaurelCrest CBD is a white-label manufacturer of CBD topicals that will improve your customer’s health and wellness. We have many topicals, including those delivering a hands-free application that does not create a mess. How can your brand provide your customers with the health and wellness benefits of CBD topicals produced by a white-label manufacturer like LaurelCrest CBD?

White-Label CBD Topicals Protect and Repair Skin

CBD topicals can potentially mitigate the adverse effects of many irritating skin disorders. Inflammation in the human body can trigger skin disorders such as acne, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis that cause blemishes, dryness and itchiness. The anti-inflammatory properties contained in CBD topicals have proven to alleviate the symptoms associated with these skin disorders.

CBD topicals also can improve the look and feel of aging skin. The human body is prone to oxidative stress that will age your skin and decrease vitality. Research shows CBD topicals are an antioxidant that will improve the appearance of your customer’s aging skin if they utilize them during a routine skin care regimen.

White-Label CBD Topicals Provide Pain Relief

Research demonstrates CBD topicals can provide lasting pain relief when applied to the skin. Pain disorders like arthritis and multiple sclerosis damage tissue and nerves in the body, which causes chronic pain. Individuals afflicted with these severe conditions need palliative care that provides long-lasting relief from their pain.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can relieve the pain produced by these agonizing disorders when applied to affected body parts. CBD topicals are the perfect palliative for pain caused by arthritis and multiple sclerosis. There is an added benefit to CBD topicals: they do not provide your customers with the unfortunate side effects of traditional pain relievers like opioids.

CBD topicals also can provide relief from the pain caused by athletic performance. Athletes are prone to pain if they overwork their bodies during demanding training and competition. Your customers can use CBD topicals to relieve pain experienced as a result of strenuous athletic activity.

LaurelCrest CBD is an Experienced White-Label Manufacturer of CBD Topicals

What is white-label CBD manufacturing? White-label manufacturers like LaurelCrest CBD allow brands to focus on marketing and selling CBD topicals, not manufacturing them. LaurelCrest CBD produces a variety of CBD topicals: Extra Strength Healing Balm, Moisturizing Cream and Extra Strength Recovery Roll On. Our topicals provide a hands-free application that will not make a mess while using them. Additionally, our CBD products include Oregon Kosher-certified, pesticide-free and heavy-metal-free hemp.

LaurelCrest CBD’s Extra Strength Healing Balm is a fast-acting, long-lasting formulation that supports maximum healing. Our company’s Moisturizing Lotion quickly absorbs into the skin and provides long-lasting revitalization. LaurelCrest CBD’s Extra Strength Recovery Roll On is easily applied to the skin and soothes various physical discomforts. Our CBD topicals will improve the health of your customer’s skin and relieve their pain.

How Does Your Brand Get White-Label CBD Topicals?

LaurelCrest CBD is a white-label manufacturer that can develop CBD topicals your customers will quickly embrace. Contact our company today to understand how we can manufacture crowd-pleasing white-label CBD topicals for your brand. LaurelCrest CBD is excited about the opportunity to manufacture CBD topicals for your customers and help them achieve various health and wellness benefits.