Introducing White Label Partnerships: Important Solutions to Grow Your Business

Many CBD business owners and brand developers are looking to expand their market share by adding CBD skin care, personal care, or other products to their line. LaurelCrest has created a bulk hemp ingredient supply chain, including white label and private label partnerships that can provide your brand with the solutions you need for exceptional quality skin care, personal care, as well as other premium CBD products.

Here is an overview of why you can expect the highest quality products, innovative ingredients solutions, professionalism and competitive prices as a LaurelCrest White Label customer.

How Your CBD Business Can Benefit From Our LaurelCrest & Pharma Hemp Partnership

Pharma Hemp is one of the most successful Hemp businesses in Europe. Since 1965 Pharma Hemp has been a pioneer in the innovation and development of hemp products.

In 1995 Pharma Hemp developed their first line of Hemp Enriched Body Care Products. Today, Pharma Hemp and LaurelCrest provide an exceptional catalog of Premium Quality CBD Cosmetic and Self Care products that deliver only the finest quality, pure CBD-rich cosmetic formulations for your brand.

These exceptional skin care lines only contain natural ingredients and no added artificial colors, aromas or preservatives. Pharma Hemp is passionate about delivering purity, exceptional quality and healthy glowing skin for your brand’s customers.

Our Pharma Hemp partnership also allows LaurelCrest to provide multiple solutions and offerings to our distributors and white label customers across the globe.

LaurelCrest Premium White Label Products For YOUR BRAND

LaurelCrest proudly offers the following products for YOUR BRAND:

CBD Products

  • Tinctures – premium ingredients with a better taste and performance at competitive pricing
  • Hemp Beverage Solutions – our top quality hemp extracts combined with a scientifically proven delivery system: provides your brand with market leading products that deliver superior performance and taste.
  • Capsules – Bulk or bottled, high quality ingredients and manufacturing with competitive pricing
  • OTC Products ~ Methol + CBD- Everyday solutions, proven medical grade performance, OTC rated products and YOUR BRAND!

Premium CBD Cosmetic Products

  • Premium Face Care- Ultra premium products with botanically derived ingredients, scale to grow with any business.
  • Premium Body Care Products- Ultra premium products formulated with botanically derived ingredients, scale to grow with any business.
  • Relief Cosmetic Products- Ultra premium, pure relief, botanically derived formulations that scale to grow with your business.
  • Premium Cosmetic Bath Products- Ultra premium, luxurious CBD infused bath products botanically derived and formulated.

Our LaurelCrest team invites you to explore the possibilities of our complete White Label and Private Label Solutions that can provide CBD input, custom blending, bottling and packaging. With our European partners Pharma Hemp, we can also offer international White Label Solutions and worldwide distribution.

LaurelCrest is dedicated to providing only the highest quality and standard in both products and services for YOUR BRAND that are available in the Hemp CBD industry. Enjoy the assurance of LaurelCrest quality, consistency, innovation and professionalism for growing your business.

Contact us and we can explore the best White Label Solutions for expanding your business and YOUR BRAND.