The Benefits of CBD Products for Skin

CBD For Skin: Why Topical CBD Products Can Benefit Your Business

CBD for skin is not only hot in the natural skin care market; it is also on fire in the mainstream beauty products and skincare industry. The benefits of CBD for skin range from anti-aging, acne control, and skin irritations to providing a foundation for healthy glowing skin.

CBD business owners can increase their bottom line, often exponentially, by including natural CBD skincare and topical products to their brand. The beauty industry is a 532 billion dollar, and counting, and the organic, natural beauty market is currently over 15 billion dollars.

CBD skin care products and cosmetics constitute a lion’s share of that market. White label CBD providers, like LaurelCrest, that have partnered with high quality European CBD Skin Care and natural product developers, like Pharma Hemp, are able to offer state of the art pure skin care and personal care products that secure the best in the marketplace at the most competitive prices.

The Benefits of CBD Skin Care And Why It Matters

High quality CBD infused natural skin care products provide a vast array of benefits to the skin. The role of cannabinoids, like CBD, in dermatology has been the subject of ongoing research with respect to both general skin care and recovery as well as targeted skin irritations.

Premium full spectrum CBD extract, when combined with nature’s best and science’s latest understanding of effective skin care ingredients provides an end product line that naturally sooth, hydrate, balance, and protect the skin. The natural plant-based formulations allow the natural compounds to work directly on the skin to provide anti-aging properties along with providing calmer, healthier looking skin.

CBD skin care products appeal to the millions of consumers that want to opt for a natural, artificial ingredient, chemical and pesticide free product that nourishes and protects the skin as well as their overall health.

Topical CBD Products Can Have Multiple Benefits

CBD infused topical products naturally provide a multitude of benefits. CBD balms and creams provide targeted pain relief for sore muscles and joints as well as relief for surface irritations on the skin. Many CBD topical formulations are crafted to appeal to people with active lifestyles that look for natural CBD products that are multi purpose.

Some Things To Consider For Your CBD Skin Care Line

When considering what CBD topical products would best represent your brand it is important to note that women are the largest demographic for skin care products. Basic skin care regimens include: facial cleansers, daytime anti-aging moisturizers and protectants, as well as night creams for recovery and renewal. There are also special CBD serums and formulations for more intensive skin revitalization.

LaurelCrest can provide custom formulations for your brand as well as a catalog of a full range of CBD topicals, skin care and personal care products.

The LaurelCrest team looks forward to connecting with you to provide consultation and information to assist you in sourcing the highest quality products and innovative ingredient solutions with professionalism and competitive pricing.

Contact us to discover how partnering with LaurelCrest delivers the highest quality options for your CBD brand.


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