Where to Buy CBG Gummies, Isolate and Tincture in Bulk

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a new cannabinoid becoming as popular as CBD and THC. CBG is a cannabinoid bringing unique health and wellness benefits to individuals consuming it.

What Are the Benefits of CBG, and Where Do You Buy It?

LaurelCrest CBD offers raw, wholesale CBG ingredients in various formulations: isolates, distillates and water-soluble solutions. Our company also provides finished CBG products like gummies and tinctures. These products, derived from U.S.-grown hemp, contain healing properties that improve the human body’s performance.

What is CBG, and how does this cannabinoid enhance the human body’s performance?

CBG and CBGa Formulations Work with Custom Cannabinoid Ingredients to Bring Health and Wellness Benefits

Cannabis contains over 100 cannabinoids that have unique effects on the body’s endocannabinoid system. Cannabis researchers are developing a better understanding of the health and wellness benefits of cannabinoids like CBG. Cannabinoids could dramatically improve how the human body functions.

CBG is derived from a cannabinoid called CBGa, also known as the “mother of all cannabinoids.” CBGa is converted into CBG when the cannabis plant matures. CBG is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that regulates interactions within the body’s endocannabinoid system and ensures it operates smoothly. Researchers are finding CBG’s interaction with other cannabinoids can boost the entourage effect an individual experiences after consuming cannabis.

What are the Health and Wellness Benefits of CBG and Custom Cannabinoid Formulations?

Promising studies demonstrate CBG could be a treatment for several medical conditions:

CBG Shows Promise for Neurological Disorders and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Animal studies show CBG is a promising treatment for neurological disorders and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). CBG could protect neurons and prevent further degradation of brain matter. This cannabinoid could also reduce inflammation associated with IBD.

CBG is a Potential Therapeutic for Bacterial Infections

Research indicates CBG could be a reliable treatment for bacterial infections. CBG could be employed as a treatment for bacterial infections that are traditionally hard to address. Studies suggest CBG could kill troublesome bacterial infections like staph and MRSA.

CBG is a Possible Treatment for Cancer-Related Tumors

Animal studies suggest CBG minimizes tumors associated with cancer. This research shows CBG reduces tumors in rats with colon cancer and indicates CBG could also prevent cancer-related tumor growth in humans.

LaurelCrest Offers High-Quality Raw CBG, Wholesale Ingredients and Finished Products

Top-Notch CBG Isolates, Distillates, Water-Soluble Liquids and Powders

LaurelCrest CBD manufactures hemp-derived CBG and CBGa isolates in white crystalline powder and distillates produced in golden oil form. Our company has CBG and CBGa isolates that are odorless, tasteless, and contain no plant matter, which allows for easy addition to ingestibles, topicals and cosmetics. Our full-spectrum CBG distillates prevent the crystallization of cannabinoids. All isolates, distillates, liquids and powders are kosher-certified and lab-tested by a third party.

Custom Efficacious CBG Tinctures

LaurelCrest CBD produces quality hemp-derived tinctures containing CBG. Our broad-spectrum Recovery Tincture includes a combination of cannabinoids that will heal and rejuvenate the body. The PM Sleep Tincture has calming terpenes that provide fast, long-lasting sleep.

Delicious CBG Gummies

LaurelCrest CBD’s tasty gummies offer a measured dose of CBG that promotes sleep and energy. All of our CBG gummies are available in broad-spectrum, full-spectrum and isolate formulations. These gummies get produced in five flavors: lemon-lime, blue raspberry, watermelon, mixed berry and mango.

How Do You Connect with LaurelCrest For Custom CBG Manufacturing Solutions?

LaurelCrest CBD manufactures quality CBD and CBG solutions. Connect with our company today to inquire how our company can produce CBD and CBG ingredients and products for your customers. LaurelCrest CBD has an array of CBG products and ingredients that will cultivate loyal customers.