Who Benefits from Taking ND THC?

Do you know what is in the CBD you are consuming? There is a possibility you are unknowingly ingesting THC with your CBD. THC consumption is a problem for individuals prohibited from consuming the cannabinoid.

CBD consumers prohibited from ingesting THC should seek products with Non-Detectable THC (ND THC). Unlike many CBD ingredients on the market, CBD with ND THC contains undetectable amounts of THC. Consumers of CBD with ND THC are less likely to fail a test for THC consumption.

Laurelcrest is a hemp manufacturing company specializing in THC removal from CBD Oil. Every product receives a third-party COA (certificate of analysis) that tests for potency, solvents, heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants. Every Product at Laurelcrest is Oregon Kosher Certified. Laurelcrest Broad Spectrum CBD is all lab-tested and certified as ND THC.

What is CBD with ND THC, and who benefits from consuming it?

What is CBD with ND THC?

Cannabis contains over 100 cannabinoids that have unique effects on the human body. CBD and THC are the most popular cannabinoids currently consumed. THC is a cannabinoid that induces psychoactive effects. CBD is a cannabinoid that relieves pain, inflammation and anxiety symptoms and does not induce euphoria.

LaurelCrest CBD is a private and white-label manufacturer of quality CBD products. Our company produces customizable CBD oils, powders, gummies, tinctures, tonics, topicals and more. Most importantly, our broad-spectrum CBD products are certified as ND THC. We guarantee these products contain undetectable amounts of THC.

Many CBD brands and retailers claim their products are THC free even though they may contain up to 0.3% THC. This level of THC will not induce euphoric effects in most individuals; however, consumers of these CBD products could fail a test assessing the presence of THC in the body. As a result, many accidentally risk losing their livelihoods or freedom.

CBD consumers screened for THC ingestion need access to products with ND THC.

Who Benefits from CBD with Non-Detectable THC?

CBD with ND THC for Military Service Members

America’s heroes experience traumatic events while serving our country, as acknowledged by organizations such as the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, who advocate for alternative medications for vets. Traumatic military service often causes members to experience Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Studies show that up to two out of every ten military members who served after 9/11 have PTSD. Anxiety is a common symptom amongst people with PTSD.

Studies show CBD can relieve symptoms of anxiety associated with PTSD. People with PTSD experience heightened responses to fear, leading to anxiety symptoms. CBD can reduce activity in the brain, where humans process their fear and alleviate anxiety.

Unfortunately, people with PTSD who are still in uniform cannot use CBD if it contains detectable amounts of THC. The military tests service members for THC consumption, and service members risk dishonorable discharge if they consume CBD with THC. Service members experiencing anxiety need access to CBD with undetectable amounts of THC.

Service members who have PTSD should consider CBD with ND THC. They would not fear failing an assessment for THC consumption if they consumed CBD with THC. Most importantly, military service members could relieve symptoms of anxiety associated with PTSD.

CBD with ND THC for Professional and Amateur Athletes

Athletes commonly experience bumps and bruises while practicing their sport. Strenuous athletic activity often leads to debilitating pain and inflammation. Athletes need relief from these symptoms.

Studies show CBD could relieve the pain and inflammation athletes are experiencing. Pain occurs in an athlete’s body when nerves and tissue are damaged. CBD could reduce the pain associated with nerve and tissue damage.

Regrettably, sports-sanctioning bodies prohibit professional athletes from consuming CBD with detectable levels of THC. The International Olympic Committee banned U.S. sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after she tested positive for THC consumption. Athletes like Richardson need access to CBD with ND THC.

Athletes screened for THC consumption should consider broad-spectrum CBD with ND THC. This product would relieve athletes suffering from pain and inflammation, and they would not need to fear failing a THC test.

CBD with ND THC for Newly Hired and State-Supervised Individuals

Starting a new job or re-entering society after serving a prison sentence are stressful experiences. This stress often causes disturbances in sleep patterns. Sleep disturbance can lead to depression, hypertension, and obesity if left unaddressed.

Research studies demonstrate CBD can promote healthy sleep patterns. Stressful experiences increase levels of the hormone cortisol in the human body. Excess cortisol in the body prevents most from experiencing healthy sleep. Research shows CBD reduces cortisol and induces sleep.

Lamentably, most newly-hired and state-supervised individuals get screened for THC consumption. These groups risk job loss and incarceration if an assessment proves they have consumed cannabis. The newly-hired and state-supervised need access to CBD with ND THC.

CBD with ND THC would reduce stress and promote sleep in this population.

Where Do You Find CBD with ND THC?

All of LaurelCrest’s broad-spectrum CBD products contain ND THC. CBD consumers screened for THC consumption can use our products without worrying about failing the assessment. Click here to learn more about LaurelCrest broad-spectrum CBD products with ND THC.

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