Why You Should Purchase Kosher-Certified CBD Products and Hemp Ingredients

There is a long history of using cannabis and hemp as sacraments in the Hebrew faith. The Jewish community has consumed cannabis while practicing their faith for thousands of years. It should be no surprise there is growing interest in kosher-certified hemp products.

LaurelCrest CBD offers a wide variety of kosher-certified hemp products containing custom cannabinoid formulations: gummies, gel caps and tinctures. Our company provides white-label manufacturing services to develop these products. Keep reading to explore how these products get manufactured according to kosher certification.

What are Kosher-Certified Hemp Extractions, and How are they Made?

Kosher-certified hemp products get produced according to Jewish dietary law. The ingredients and equipment used to manufacture finished products must get kosher certified. After receiving Kosher certification, manufacturers receive regular visits from recognized authorities to confirm they maintain kosher standards while manufacturing these products. Over 40% of the packaged food products sold in the United States have received kosher certification

Kosher certification sets a standard for quality food preparation that gets widely recognized outside Jewish communities. Consumers recognize kosher certification as a designation of a safe, superior product. Hemp product manufacturers can use kosher certification as a quality control method while producing hemp extractions.

LaurelCrest CBD offers raw, wholesale hemp ingredients in various product formulations: isolates, distillates and water-soluble solutions. Our company also produces several finished hemp products that consumers will crave. Let’s dive deeper into these hemp products.

LaurelCrest CBD Offers High-Quality Raw, Wholesale Hemp Extractions and White Label Kosher Products

Quality Kosher-Certified Cannabinoid Isolates, Distillates and Water-Soluble Solutions

LaurelCrest CBD manufactures all-natural hemp-derived isolates and distillates in powder and water-soluble solutions. Our company’s odorless and tasteless isolates contain no plant matter, so they are easily added to manufactured products. LaurelCrest CBD also produces kosher-certified, full-spectrum distillates that will not crystallize after production. Our products are lab-tested by a third party to confirm they are pesticide- and heavy-metal-free.

LaurelCrest CBD Offers Kosher-Certified White-Label Manufacturing of Hemp Products

Our white-label manufacturing services allow brands to produce sustainable hemp products easily, quickly, and cost-effectively. LaurelCrest CBD will use your brand information to create hemp products that customers will love. LaurelCrest CBD creates custom cannabinoid and terpene blends to develop unique product formulations for our customers. White-label manufacturing lets brands focus solely on branding and marketing hemp products.

Our company utilizes these ingredient blends to manufacture white-label products in various formulations:

Delicious Kosher-Certified White-Label CBD Gummies

LaurelCrest CBD provides white-label manufacturing of hemp-derived, kosher-certified gummies containing consistent cannabinoid doses. Our gummies get produced in isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum formulations. The ingredients contained in our gummies will promote sleep, energy and focus. Our gummies are available in five fabulous flavors: lemon-lime, blue raspberry, watermelon, mixed berry and mango.

Functional Kosher-Certified White-Label CBD Tinctures

LaurelCrest CBD manufactures tinctures that consistently promote sleep, energy or recovery. The tinctures we manufacture are available in broad-spectrum and full-spectrum formulations. All of our tincture formulations use a pleasant-tasting MCT oil as a carrier for hemp ingredients.

Kosher White-Label CBD Gel Caps Offer Consistent Dosing

LaurelCrest CBD manufactures capsules in three varieties: 25mg full-spectrum vegan capsules, 25mg broad-spectrum gel caps, and capsules containing cordyceps, CBD, and CBG powder to diminish stress and increase energy. All capsules contain MCT oils that allow for easy ingestion.

How to Find Quality Kosher Hemp Products

Are you seeking a reputable producer to manufacture kosher-certified hemp products for your company? LaurelCrest CBD is a fast and efficient white-label manufacturer of various kosher-certified hemp products. Contact LaurelCrest CBD today to discuss how we can develop kosher products for your company.