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  • CBD Gummies


    CBD Gummies

    Laurelcrest CBD Energy and Focus Gummy gives you the boost you need to start the day or stay focused in the late afternoon.

    Energy/Focus Flavor: Mixed Berry
    Shape; Triangle
    Coating; Sugar Coated
    Actives Profile per gummy: 50mg Ginseng 25mg LionsMane 20mg CBG 10mg CBD 1mg Vitamin B12

    Availble in bulk 500 count bags or 30 count jars

  • CBD Gummy Sample Box

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    CBD Gummy Sample Box

    This CBD Gummy Sample Kit was created for those who are ready to launch or expand their CBD product line with something sweet and functional. The box contains Laurelcrest’s best selling gummies:
    - Full Spectrum CBD Gummies
    - Sleep Gummies
    - Energy Gummies
    - Recreational (Delta 8) Gummies

  • CBD Recovery Sample Box

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    CBD Recovery Sample Box

    This CBD Recovery Kit was created to jumpstart your launch of exclusive products targeting physical restoration, relief and recovery. Free Shipping!