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  • CBC Isolate

    98%+ Cannabichromene Isolate (CBC)


    98%+ Cannabichromene Isolate (CBC)

    Laurelcrest 98%+ Cannabichromene Isolate (CBC) is derived from pure CBGa Isolate, we use safe production methods to create this bright orange free flowing liquid. Cannabichromene does not chemically crystallize into a powdered isolate and free flowing oil is the most concentrated form of CBC extract.

  • CBDa Isolate


    CBDa Isolate

    CBDA isolate is an acidic non-decarboxylated form of CBD. This product is produced through gentle processing of CBD biomass at low temperature to extract and preserve the CBDa. Further refinement and purification results in a powdered Isolate.

  • CBGa Isolate


    CBGa Isolate

    CBGA is considered the mother of all cannabinoids, a naturally-occurring acidic molecule and the non-decarboxylated form of CBG. At Laurelcrest we are able to consistently produce 95%+ CBGa isolate. This product is highly refined and purified in a careful temperature-controlled extraction process. Third Party Tested and Kosher Certified.

  • Certified 99%+CBD Isolate


    Certified 99%+CBD Isolate

    US produced CBD Isolate is the highest quality 99%+ cannabidiol. Third Party Certified. Easy to formulate. Consistently bright white. Zero taste or smell.

  • Certified CBN Isolate


    Certified CBN Isolate

    Laurelcrest 99%+ Cannabinol Isolate (CBN) is produced in the USA. We carefully source the purest input materials and gently refine and remove all other compounds to achieve a pure crystalline isolate. We use safe production methods with no iodine, platinum, or palladium used in the process. Our Isolates are processed in a highly controlled environment and refined to guarantee industry-leading purity and consistency. Third Party Tested and Kosher Certified.