LaurelCrest has worked with a leading supplier of health and wellness solutions to produce the singular most effective, scientifically tested water soluble CBD product in the global marketplace.

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Our high quality CBD oils combined with VESIsorb®, a science backed colloidal drop delivery system enables leading companies to differentiate themselves, taking their absorption, efficacy and onset of CBD products to the next level.

Our Water Soluble products meet the growing demand for enhanced bioavailability of unique science-based formulas with documentation to show our credibility and long term commitment to bringing only the best products into this evolving marketplace. Our products test accurately and have scientific publications to back up our claims.

Our formulas 30-year history of safe and effective use is unparalleled as it’s been applied to more than 50 of the most popular, science-backed ingredients. It is the only delivery system to date suited to be used with every major cannabis application - capsules, edibles, beverages, sub-linguals and topicals.

We offer 3 Water Soluble Solutions

Our 55% Full Spectrum CBD Oil
+ VESIsorb® Science backed delivery system
Our 60% NDTHC CBD Oil
+ VESIsorb® Science backed delivery system
99+% USA Isolate
+ VESIsorb® Science backed delivery system
  • > Patented colloidal drop delivery system
  • > 30-year history of safe and effective use
  • > Increased absorption, efficacy and onset
  • > Applicable to all CBD products
  • > High absorption rates = increased margins for final product
  • > Accurate Third Party Testing
  • > Shelf stable