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Successful CBD business owners and product manufacturers have quality, consistency and efficacy as the three foundational pillars of their brand. The exponentially increasing demand for Cannabidiol (CBD) for the myriad of benefits to natural health has also created a demand for research and development into optimum processing methods and more effective delivery systems.

CBD oil is NOT water-soluble. This is the reason that it has been shown to be most effective when it is ingested with food, especially certain foods. Because it is fat-soluble, when CBD is ingested with fatty acids and medium or long-chain triglycerides, it amplifies its bioavailability. For this reason, MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil is included in many tincture brands: however, the search for increased rates of absorption has brought another method to the table.

A recent Published Pharmacokinetic Study of an improved, more effective delivery system for optimum absorption of CBD, focuses on a Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery System (SEDDS) that is based on VESIsorb ® Formulation Technology.

The SEDDS VESIsorb ® formulation technology allows the hemp extract to be absorbed through the lymphatic system pathway rather than through the gastrointestinal tract. VESIsorb ® is actually a naturally self-assembling colloidal droplet delivery system that powerfully enhances the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients, like CBD, both in demonstrating dramatically increased blood plasma levels as well as a faster absorption rate.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Water Soluble CBD Products?

Increased Bioavailability:

The most powerful benefit of water soluble CBD is that it delivers a higher absorption rate. Consequently, this means that your products will provide an increased effectiveness per dosage. Less is truly more and your customers will have the advantage of more CBD in their system and less of the product will be wasted! The quality and efficacy of water soluble CBD products can be a factor in establishing your brand in the forefront of the industry.

Mixes Easily into Beverages and Personal Care Products:

If you are developing a CBD beverage in your brand, then a water-soluble product is a must. Additionally, it makes it possible to add water soluble CBD tinctures to any beverage or food, which will greatly expand the versatility of your brand.

For topical personal care products, the enhanced absorption of water soluble CBD means the efficacy of your brand’s topical products will be increased. Additionally, VESIsorb® Water Soluble CBD successfully addresses oxidative stability, shelf life and uniformity of dispersion in the delivery medium.

Works Faster Than Other Forms Of CBD:

The increased bioavailability of VESIsorb ® Water Soluble CBD also means that the effects are experienced more rapidly. “VESIsorb ® is described as a ‘natural’ technology, meaning it mimics the human fat digestion and absorption process.” This means that it is not a ‘top down’ nanotechnology that uses energy and force to mill down crystals from microns to smaller Nano-sized hard particles.

When it comes to crafting your brand’s CBD products, you might want to explore the possibility of using a broad spectrum oil + VESIsorb or our 35% CBD – 99% Isolate + VESIsorb.

Our water soluble CBD evenly distributes for accurate testing and tests accurately on Third Party Tests.

For more information on the various options and recommendations for designing your brand’s products, please contact us. We look forward to answering any of your questions and providing more information for your consideration.

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