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​Many Americans are adding CBD products to their holiday wish list, which means it’s imperative for you to meet that demand with efficacious and affordable gift options. A recent survey reported that 1 out of 3 United States adults have consumed a CBD product. As CBD rises in popularity, gift-givers will increasingly consider purchasing CBD products for family and friends this holiday season.

If your store or brand is interested in reaching gift-givers should consider products manufactured by a white-label manufacturer. LaurelCrest CBD is a white-label manufacturer of custom CBD formulations that consumers would love to unwrap.

What Are White-Label CBD Manufacturing Services?

White-label manufacturing services give CBD brands a fast, easy and cost-effective way to reach holiday gift-givers interested in purchasing CBD products. White-label manufacturing allows brands to focus solely on marketing CBD products to potential consumers. Simply send a trusted white labeler your brand information, and let them quickly take care of the rest. CBD brands can utilize white-label manufacturing services to produce CBD products that holiday shoppers want to give to family and friends.

LaurelCrest CBD is a Leading Provider of White-Label and Contract Manufacturing Services

LaurelCrest CBD offers custom cannabinoid formulations that companies can add to various products, as well as many ready-to-go gift options. Our company develops all-natural, sustainable products containing broad-spectrum distillate, minor cannabinoids, terpenes and crystal-resistant distillate. All of our CBD products include Oregon Kosher-certified, pesticide-free and heavy-metal-free hemp.

LaurelCrest CBD creates custom cannabinoid and terpene blends to create unique CBD product formulations. Our company utilizes these ingredient blends to manufacture white-label products in various formulations:

White Label Manufactured Gummies

Our delicious gummies offer a measured dose of CBD that promotes sleep, energy, focus and/or general well-being. All of our CBD gummies are available in broad-spectrum, full-spectrum and isolate formulations. Our CBD gummy formulations are available in five flavors: lemon-lime, blue raspberry, watermelon, mixed berry and mango. Gummies make a great grabbable stocking-stuffer for your patrons’ holiday shopping.

LaurelCrest’s Delta 8 gummies are hemp-derived and available in the same delicious flavors. Our company’s Sleep gummies promote a restful night’s slumber, while LaurelCrest CBD’s Energy and Focus gummies give you a boost of vitality and clarity.

White-Label Manufactured Tinctures

LaurelCrest white-label CBD tinctures promote sleep, energy or recovery. Our company’s white-label CBD tinctures are available in broad-spectrum and full-spectrum formulations. All of our CBD tincture formulations use MCT oil as a carrier to provide a clean taste.

Laurelcrest CBD’s AM / Energy is a proprietary formulation that leaves consumers feeling focused. Our company’s PM / Sleep is the perfect formulation for anyone who has difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. LaurelCrest CBD’s AI / Energy helps overworked bodies recover. Stores with a focus on health, wellness, or recoversy will find success stocking this product.

White-Label Manufactured Capsules

LaurelCrest white-label CBD capsules are available in three varieties: 25mg full-spectrum vegan capsules, 25mg broad-spectrum gel caps, and capsules containing cordyceps, CBD, and CBG powder that lowers stress levels and boosts energy throughout the day. Businesses that cater to physical fitness have success with capsule sales to their target audience.

White-Label Manufactured Cosmetics

LaurelCrest white-label CBD cosmetics are available in five varieties: Night Cream, Day Cream, Face Serum, Lip Gloss and Eye Pen. These natural cosmetics are perfect for companies that keep on-trend with the latest skincare must-haves.

LaurelCrest CBD’s Night Cream contains natural oils and antioxidants that nurture a firm, smooth skin complexion. Our company’s Day Cream exfoliates and cleanses pores, giving your skin strength and elasticity. LaurelCrest CBD’s Soothing Oil Serum moisturizes skin and promotes a healthy, fresh look. Our company’s CBD Lifting Serum stimulates the skin’s oxygenation and cell renewal to minimize age spots and fine lines. Lastly, our CBD Eye Contour Serum brightens and smooths the skin around your eyes.

White-Label Manufactured Topicals

LaurelCrest white-label CBD topicals are available in three varieties: Extra Strength Healing Balm, Moisturizing Cream and Extra Strength Recovery Roll On. Our topicals provide hands-free application and will not make a mess.

LaurelCrest CBD’s Extra Strength Healing Balm is a fast-acting, long-lasting formulation that supports maximum healing. Our company’s Moisturizing Lotion quickly absorbs into the skin and provides long-lasting refreshment. LaurelCrest CBD’s Extra Strength Recovery Roll On is easily applied to the skin and relieves various physical discomforts.

White-Label Manufactured Bath Bombs

LaurelCrest CBD’s white-label CBD Bath Bombs are available in four scents: Citrus Hibiscus, Lavender, Lemongrass Orange and Rosemary Mint. Our CBD Bath Bombs contain 100mg of CBD and various essential oils. Once placed in a bath, our CBD Bath Bombs restore skin and relax the body. These CBD bath bombs let your cares float away.

How Do You Get LaurelCrest CBD’s White-Label Manufactured Products?

LaurelCrest is a fast and efficient white-label manufacturer of a wide variety of CBD products. Contact our company today to inquire how our company can manufacture white-label CBD products for your brand. Our CBD products are the perfect gift options for your customers this holiday season.

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