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Leaders In Scientific Innovation
We Are GMP Certified and FDA Registered
LC manufactures and formulates
bulk cannabinoid extracts
and finished products.

Our Premium Selection Of
Bulk Cannabinoid Ingredients

Laurelcrest is a bulk CBD ingredients manufacturer and distributor based in McMinnville, Oregon. We specialize in high quality oils and isolates for various applications such as edibles, tinctures, and topicals.

Broad Spectrum

Oils (NO THC)

Products that contain CBD + other
minor cannabinoids that are
naturally found in the hemp plant.
THC is NOT present in
these products.

Full Spectrum Oils


Products that contain CBD + other
minor cannabinoids that are
naturally found in the hemp plant.
including < .3% THC.

Isolates and

Minor Cannabinoids

Products that contain one
isolated cannabinoid such as
CBDA, THCV, and many others.

Water Solubles


Our water soluble liquids and
powders improve the absorption
and bio-availability of key
cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG,
CBN and many others.

White Label Products
Your Brand, Our Formula

Whether launching a new brand or enhancing an existing one, Laurelcrest provides a wide range of finished product manufacturing solutions to help our clients build memorable product lines.


Whether you’re seeking relief from
pain, anxiety, or simply looking to
improve your overall well-being,
CBD tinctures provide a natural
option worth considering.


Laurelcrest Gummies are perfect for
any time of day. They deliver a
measured dose of CBD and functional
mushrooms that contribute to overall
wellness through the natural benefits of
the entourage effect.

Gel Caps

These Gel Caps are formulated to
provide a consistent dose of CBD
with each serving.


If you’re seeking long lasting relief
from a variety of physical
discomforts, these CBD topical
products are the perfect pick.


Bulk Ingredients

Shop our premium selection of Bulk Cannabinoid Ingredients. Consistent Quality and competitive pricing has positioned Laurelcrest as one of the largest CBD suppliers in the market. Our Cannabinoid products can be used for a variety of product formulations such as CBD tinctures, edibles, topicals and vapes.

1. Broad Spectrum Oils (No THC)
2. Full Spectrum Oils (Compliant % THC)
3. Isolates and Minor Cannabinoids
4. Water Solubles

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White Label Products

Our store is designed for brands that are ready to launch or enhance a product line. By partnering with us, you gain access to a wide range of unique pre-formulated products that have been developed and full panel tested to meet the highest industry standards. We offer label and packaging solutions.

1. Tinctures
2. Gummies
3. Gel Caps
4. Topicals

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Custom Products

Laurelcrest’s experienced formulation team, supply chain specialists and experienced sales representatives will work with you to bring your product line to life from concept to finished packaging. We can help develop complex wellness lines incorporating cannabinoids, terpenes, water-soluble science, herbal extracts, mushrooms and other adaptogens to bring your clients the most effective products available in the marketplace.


1. Tinctures
2. Gummies
3. Gel Caps
4. Topicals
5. Smokables
6. Beverages
7. Cosmetics
8. Pet Supplies

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THC Remediation Services

We have developed a safe and effective method to process high THC product to compliant or Non-detectable THC, delivering Bulk Cannabinoid ingredients ready for sale worldwide. Our team of international consultants have performed multiple studies proving the safety and effectiveness of our process for ingredients intended for human or animal consumption.


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Shop Our White Label Products
By Effect


A line of products formulated
to help you maintain energy and
focus throughout the day with the
dosage control you desire.


These products are carefully
formulated with a variety of
minor cannabinoids and healing
essential oils to reduce inflammation
and physical discomforts.


This product line has been
created with premium blends to
elevate your pleasure and
support your wellness routine.


A line of products formulated
to support your rest routine.
A natural solution for a
good nights sleep.

Our commitment to building

healthy community

We believe that access to high quality, safe and effective natural plant medicine is essential to the collective health of communities worldwide.

We strive to support and improve the lives of our employees, our stakeholders and our customers by creating superior plant based wellness products through transparent and sustainable good manufacturing practices, ensuring our products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.

Credibility With Customers And Suppliers

What our community is saying

Licenses and certifications

As a worldwide cannabinoid provider, we are proud to be:

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